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I really like Security Now!

This made me laugh (from Security Now! ep. 55):

Steve Gibson: And you've survived your cruise.
Leo: I survived the cruise. The ship did not go down, unless it did, in which case I'm doing this podcast posthumously. And if it is, please don't cry.
Steve: What a horrible thought, Leo.
Leo: The last podcast.
Steve: We might have lost you in the Arctic.
Leo: Well, no, you know, we're taping this, obviously, before I leave on the cruise. But it's going to be an Alaska cruise, and it's a geek cruise, but it's kind of an unusual one because it's chess.
Steve: We're taping this?
Leo: Shhh. No one knows. If I had... tape is not quite the word we use.
Steve: Uh huh, exactly.
Leo: I say film on the TV show, too. I just I guess I'm an old-timer. I'm an old-timer. Now, we're actually, there's no tape involved in the creation of these. It's all bits. Once it leaves the microphone and gets into the mixer, it all is bits.
Steve: Yeah, well, when you referred to Mitch Miller last week, that pretty much did it.
Leo: That was it. They knew. They knew. I'm pretty soon I'll be saying the Internet's a series of tubes, and it'll be all over.
Steve: The jig is up.

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