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Organizing Knowledge


The Software Engineering Body of Knowledge at the SWEBOK website and the UML Resource Page at the Object Management Group’s website contain much information. What strategies might be used to organize ones investigation of these websites?

Examining these websites was actually a little overwhelming due to the sheer quantity of information contained within. My strategy was to look over the home page and skim through the navigation options reading the sub-headings for each of the main sections. Next I looked for any sort of FAQ or guide to get a good general overview of the site and the information contained therein. After that the next step was to click on any sections that sounded interesting or were unclear. Simply by exploring the sites I was able to get a better handle on what information was contained within the different sites. Now that I have a general idea if I ever need to use either site for specific information I will either use the navigation system or even just the search bar to find whatever I am looking for.


Research Paper Discussion

IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans