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Use Case Practice

Apparently I did this incorrectly at first, I've left my original below the break below, but here is a new one.



Twice a month mutual fund trades are exectued as part of an automatic investment program (AIP). This generates a number of reports that must be manually reviewed. These reports are automatically printed resulting in hundreds of pages of documentation which wastes paper, must be stored locally, and eventually must be stored off site to meet regulatory requirements. My objective is to have these reports made available electronically in the IBM Content Manager used at the company to reduce the expenses and simplify the current process.

Main Success Scenario

Representative/user opens IBM Content Manager. User logs into Content Manager. User selects and opens appropriate folder related to mutual fund trading reports. User can use default date range, or enter date range for request reports. User selects the report name from drop down list of reports. User searches for reports matching the name and date range. Content manager displays list of reports meeting the criteria. User chooses the desired report and opens. Report displays on screen. User selects Content Manager find function (in document search). User enters desired account number or error code and clicks find. Display jumps to the section of the document containing desired information.

Alternate Success Scenario

Account number or error code not in report - pop-up displays "The string '(search criteria)' is not contained within this document."

Requested report does not exist in date range - pop-up displays "No documents meet the search criteria."




I'm not sure if I'm supposed to explain the use case as it is currently, or describe what I think is wrong/ways this can be improved. I guess I'll do both:

Main Success Scenario

Client requests change to mutual fund dividend and capital gains instructions (to pay as cash, to reinvest, or split). Representive fills out service request with information including customer account number, fund symbol, and requested change. Service request generates system request. Mutual fund representative runs macro. Macro reviews system requests and submits changes, system requests are marked as resolved. Changes are processed overnight during batch update.

Alternate Scenarios

Fund not in account - Macro notes system request that fund is not in account, marks as resolved.

Open order for fund - Macro notes that changes cannot be processed with open order, request is postponed to be run on the following day.

Pending dividend/cap gain payment - Macro notes pending payment, request is postponed to be run on the following day.

Fund already in requested status - Macro notes that fund is already up to date, marks as resolved.

Transaction entered/occurs after changes submitted - Macro notes that request has been processed, transaction occurs and voids out any changes due to batch processing, results in system request marked as resolved, but update not taking place.

Potential Improvements

Ability for client to enter requests themselves online, this requires mainframe level upgrades/improvement.

Ability for point of contact representative to enter changes themselves, this requires updates to system to track changes, and requires additional training for representatives both on how to process the changes, and on current system limitations/issues that will cause delays or result in failure to process changes.

System checks requested change against current status, blocking requests and notifying requestor when the fund is not in the account or the fund is already in the requested status.

Improve how changes are processed so they are handled immediately instead of being processed during batch in order to reduce the number of failed requests. Alternatively include notification stating that requested changes will be voided if other transactions take place or are entered.

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