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Challenge of IT Management


In the end, information is a resource used to make decisions and effect results in an organization. The thoughtful and considered application of technology to maximize the value of that resource is the challenge of IT Management. Do you agree or disagree? Why?


I agree with this assessment to a point, but it seems to attribute only a single challenge to IT management. Certainly it is important for IT management to use technology to maximize the value of information. This might include mining customer data, utilizing information to make decisions about how resources should be allocated and assisting the firm with decisions about where to invest, or how to modify and improve the business. Even being able to quickly and easily access needed data for day to day functions is a responsibility of IT. That being said IT management cannot only be focused on using technology to MAXIMIZE the value of information, since IT has become such an important component of running an organization it is important for IT management to simply make sure tools are working and available, that data is being transmitted swiftly, IT management also has to keep up with the technological advances of competitors, or even just make sure the way the company utilizes technology (either internally, or with external customers) is modern and up to date. We have seeen some arguments that IT no longer gives a competitive advantage, but a lack of solid, modern technology is definitely a competitive disadvantage.

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