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IT Savvy


As a reply to this message, discuss what an IT savvy firm is, the relevance of being IT savvy, and key leadership issues involved in managing one.


An IT savvy firm is about more than simply being on the cutting edge of technology. A firm is IT savvy when they see the value of technology and harness it to be a better business, which is one of the key leadership difficulties in IT management. IT must support the business, make business processes easier, data transmission more consistent, and at the end of the day help the firm to spend less time and money engaging in every day business, but also when making IT investment decisions and other business decisions. An IT savvy firm may not always be on the cutting edge, but they are looking at what is the cutting edge and making plans about how that could improve or be implemented into the business if the technology either takes off, or if it is determined the technology will be able to better serve the business. IT management is a balancing act between maintaining current systems, ensuring they are expandable for the future, examining new technology and making decisions about whether it should be implemented or not, while simultaneously working with the business to understand and meet their needs, and helping the business to remain competitive. The better an organization utilizes IT to meet their objectives, stay flexible and make changes as necessary the more IT savvy that firm is.

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